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Mail Merge App - Privacy Policy

Last updated: Saturday, 16 December 2023

Mail Merge Company ("us," "we," or "our") operates the Mail Merge mobile application (the "Service"). This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data when you use our Service and the choices you have associated with that data.

1. Information Collection and Use

The app ensures user privacy by refraining from collecting or storing any user data without obtaining explicit consent. The only data accessed pertains to Google Sheets and is strictly limited to what is essential for the functionality of the mail merge feature. Importantly, the app does not engage in selling, sharing, or utilizing user data for advertising purposes. This commitment underscores a user-centric approach, respecting privacy, limiting data access to specific requirements, and refraining from practices that compromise user trust or exploit their data for commercial gain.

2. Types of Data Collected

We may collect the following types of data from your Google Sheets:

  • Basic user information (such as name and email address)
  • Data required for mail merge functionality

3. Use of Data

The data collected from users within the Mail Merge application serves a singular and defined purpose, specifically to facilitate the functioning of the mail merge features offered by the application. This means that any information gathered is utilized exclusively to enhance and enable the specified functionalities related to the mail merge process. There is a clear commitment to restricting the use of this data solely to activities directly associated with the intended features of the Mail Merge application.

Importantly, the app maintains a strict policy regarding the use of collected data. Beyond its role in supporting the mail merge functionalities, the data is not accessed, utilized, or shared for any other purposes. This commitment ensures that user information remains confined to the context of the application's core features and is not exploited or repurposed for unrelated activities. Users can trust that their data is handled with precision and used only in ways that directly contribute to the intended functionalities of the Mail Merge application, aligning with principles of transparency and data integrity.

4. Data Security

Ensuring the security of user data is a paramount priority for our team. To this end, comprehensive measures have been implemented to safeguard all collected data within the Mail Merge application. The commitment to security extends to the storage infrastructure employed, with all user data stored in a highly secure environment. This includes robust safeguards against potential vulnerabilities that could compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of user information.

Adherence to industry-standard security practices is a fundamental aspect of our approach. The Mail Merge application is designed to meet and exceed widely recognized security standards, incorporating best practices that have been established to mitigate risks associated with unauthorized access, data disclosure, alteration, or destruction. These practices provide a multi-layered defense mechanism, helping to fortify the overall security posture of the application.

The protective measures in place are specifically designed to guard against a range of potential threats that user data may face in the digital landscape. Unauthorized access attempts are thwarted, and stringent controls are implemented to prevent any unwarranted disclosure of sensitive information. Additionally, measures are in place to detect and respond to any attempts at altering or destroying data, ensuring the integrity and preservation of user information.

By taking a proactive stance on security and aligning with industry standards, users can have confidence that their data within the Mail Merge application is subject to robust protective measures. This commitment reflects our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of data security, promoting user trust, and upholding the confidentiality and integrity of user information.

5. Transparency and Consent

Transparency is a cornerstone of our approach to data collection within the Mail Merge application. We are committed to providing users with a clear understanding of the types of data we collect and the specific reasons behind this collection. This transparency is fundamental to building trust with our user community, as it ensures that individuals have a comprehensive awareness of how their information is utilized within the application.

In our commitment to openness, users are proactively informed about the entire data collection process. This means that, from the outset, users receive detailed information about what categories of data the Mail Merge application may access and the purposes for which this access is necessary. This proactive communication allows users to make informed decisions about their data and ensures that they are aware of the scope and implications of the data collection within the application.

Furthermore, we prioritize obtaining explicit consent from users before any access to Google Sheets data occurs. This consent is sought as part of the onboarding process or whenever there are updates to the data collection practices. Obtaining explicit consent serves as a crucial step in respecting user autonomy and ensuring that individuals have the opportunity to make informed choices about the use of their data within the Mail Merge application. This commitment to transparency and explicit consent reflects our dedication to ethical and responsible data practices, empowering users to maintain control over their personal information.

6. User Control

Empowering users with control over their data is a fundamental principle of our commitment to privacy within the Mail Merge application. Users have the capability to manage their data at their convenience, maintaining control and ownership throughout their interaction with the app. This control extends to the ability to delete their data whenever they choose, providing a straightforward and accessible means for users to manage their personal information.

Furthermore, the Mail Merge application respects the importance of user autonomy by allowing them to revoke app permissions directly via their Google Account settings. This additional layer of control ensures that users can manage the level of access the app has to their data, aligning with the principle of giving users the tools they need to make informed decisions about their privacy. Whether through the app interface or the Google Account settings, users can confidently exercise their right to control and manage their data within the Mail Merge application.

7. Compliance with Laws

Our commitment to data protection is underscored by strict adherence to all applicable laws and regulations governing the handling of user data within the Mail Merge application. This includes compliance with data protection frameworks and privacy laws to ensure that user information is handled ethically, responsibly, and in accordance with legal standards.

In the event of legal requests for user data, we prioritize a meticulous and thorough review process. Our approach is to provide information only as mandated by law, following a careful examination of the legal validity and relevance of the request. This stringent review is conducted to safeguard user privacy and ensure that any disclosure of information is in strict compliance with the law. By following this approach, we aim to strike a balance between legal obligations and the protection of user rights and privacy within the Mail Merge application.

8. Changes to This Privacy Policy

As part of our commitment to transparency and ongoing compliance, the Privacy Policy of the Mail Merge application may be updated periodically. These updates are made to reflect changes in legal requirements, the introduction of new features, or enhancements to existing functionalities. It is our responsibility to keep users informed about how their data is handled, and these updates are aimed at ensuring that the Privacy Policy accurately reflects our current practices.

Users are strongly advised to review the Privacy Policy periodically for any changes. This recommendation is made to empower users with the latest information about data handling practices and any modifications to the terms and conditions outlined in the Privacy Policy. By staying informed through regular reviews, users can make well-informed decisions about their continued use of the Mail Merge application in light of any policy updates that may have been implemented since their last review.

9. Contact Us

p>We value open communication with our users and welcome any questions or suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy. Should you have inquiries or wish to provide feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We have provided a dedicated channel for communication through our contact form, accessible at the following link: Mail Merge Contact Form.

This contact link directs you to our contact form, where you can submit any queries or suggestions related to our Privacy Policy. We are committed to addressing your concerns promptly and providing any necessary clarifications. Your feedback is essential in helping us continually improve our privacy practices and ensuring that our policies align with user expectations and regulatory standards.

**By using the Mail Merge application**, you are entering into an agreement and expressing your consent to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this Privacy Policy. This agreement establishes a clear understanding between users and the application regarding the handling and use of personal data. It is essential for users to carefully read and comprehend the contents of the Privacy Policy, as it governs the relationship and interaction between the user and the Mail Merge application.

**The act of using the Mail Merge application** serves as an explicit acknowledgment of the user's acceptance of the terms set forth in the Privacy Policy. This agreement underscores the importance of informed user consent in the context of data collection, usage, and overall privacy practices. Users are encouraged to review the Privacy Policy regularly to stay informed about any updates or changes, ensuring ongoing awareness of the terms and conditions governing their use of the Mail Merge application.