Mail Merge App for Android and iOS

Seamlessly send personalize bulk emails with attachments directly from your Microsoft Excel, CSV and Google Sheets using our Mail Merge app for Android and iOS. Link different email accounts (e.g Gmail, Outlook and other providers) with ability to set daily sending limits for each account.

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Unlimited Bulk Emails

Send automated personalized bulk emails with custom placeholders. Application supports attachments and email customization.

Multi Source Import

Import email list contact data effortlessly from Google Sheets, Excel, CSV, XML, or any other type of spreadsheet into the application for sending personalized bulk emails.

Rich Text Editor

Compose email bodies with a rich text editor that supports custom HTML and allows the addition of placeholders for personalized email sending.

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Sending Accounts

Attach unlimited email accounts (Gmail, Outlook, custom SMTP) and set daily sending limits for each.

Multi Purpose App

App can be used for widely use case such as Perfect for businesses, educators, recruiters, marketers and sales teams.

Data Security & Privacy

With our fool proof security, your emails are sent through a Secure SMTP service, and we ensure exclusive access to your data, preventing even app admins from reaching it.

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Easily Import Email List From Anywhere

Integrate and import email lists various sources including Google Sheets, Excel Spreadsheet, CSV files, and any other type of Spreadsheet format for a Streamlined and Efficient Workflow. You can clean, and remove duplicates, merge and fix within your Android and iOS devices. You can upload sheets saved in your mobile devices as well as you can connect your Google Sheets account for automatic import

Email List Management

Easily streamline your contacts with our Email List Management feature. Take control of your mailing lists by seamlessly importing, organizing, and optimizing your email contacts for efficient and targeted communication. With a range of powerful options such as downloading, splitting, merging, and excluding emails, managing your lists has never been more intuitive. Select placeholders during import for a personalized touch in your mail merges. Unlock the potential of precise and effective communication with our comprehensive Email List Management tools.

Discover the power of personalized communication. Our Email List Management feature allows you to engage your audience with messages that matter. Take charge of your communication strategy today. Our Email List Management feature is your key to simplicity and efficiency.

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Steps for Sending Mail Merge Emails

Step 1: Adding Email Contact List

Start by easily bringing in your contacts from Google Sheets, Excel, CSV, or any spreadsheet. Make each email feel personal by picking special placeholders, adding that extra touch to your messages then use these placeholder in messages.

Step 2: Adding Your Message Template

Use our simple text editor to write your messages. It's easy to use and lets you get creative with your emails. You can even use HTML for more advanced customization. Craft messages that stand out and connect with your audience.

Step 3: Connecting Sending Accounts

Add multiple sending accounts whether it's Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo,, or another SMTP account, you can use them all. This way, your personalized emails can reach more people, making your communication strategy even more effective.

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Optimized Communication with Placeholders

In our mail merge app, "Optimized Communication with Placeholders" means making your emails feel more personal without a lot of extra effort. Instead of sending the same generic message to everyone, you can use special words, like someone's name, that automatically change for each person. It's like saying "Hi {name}" in your emails, so each person feels like you wrote just to them. This way, your emails can be friendly and specific to each recipient, making your communication more effective. Not only can you use the name placeholder, but you can also utilize other placeholders such as {address}, {title}, {company}, and more. Additionally, you have the flexibility to create your own custom placeholders. Simply choose the placeholders you want while uploading your Excel or Google Sheets file.

Unique Features of Our Mail Merge Mobile Application

Add Unlimited Accounts

Mostly, other mail merge software apps restrict you to a limited number of sending accounts, such as a fixed number for Outlook, Gmail, and other sending accounts. In contrast, our app allows you to add an unlimited number of sending accounts, giving you the flexibility to set daily sending limits for each account.

Send Unlimited Emails

Unlike other web-based mail merge software, our mobile applications enable you to send unlimited emails, eliminating any sending limits. You can also set a time delay between sending each email, allowing a brief pause before the next one is sent. Additionally, you have the option to send all emails at once with highest speed.

More Features

Mail Merge Features

Rocket Speed

Experience lightning-fast email processing and delivery with our mail merge app. Your emails will be on their way at rocket speed, ensuring swift and efficient communication.

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User Satisfaction

Our mail merge app is designed with user satisfaction in mind. Enjoy a seamless and user-friendly interface, making your email campaigns a hassle-free and satisfying experience.

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Bulk Emailing

Streamline your email outreach effortlessly with our bulk emailing feature. Reach a large audience in just a few clicks, making your communication strategy both efficient and effective.

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Save Money

Maximize your budget by choosing our mail merge app. With cost-effective solutions and efficient email management, you'll save money without compromising on the quality and impact of your email campaigns.

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App Support

Benefit from reliable and responsive app support. Our team is dedicated to assisting you with any queries or concerns, ensuring a smooth experience as you utilize the full potential of our mail merge app.

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Easy to Use

Navigate the app effortlessly with its intuitive design. No complicated processes – just simplicity at your fingertips. Our mail merge app is user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to create and manage personalized email campaigns.

Mail Merge App Pricing Plan

Discover a pricing plan tailored to your needs. Our transparent and flexible pricing ensures you get the most value for your investment. Choose from a range of options designed to accommodate different usage levels, providing cost-effective solutions for individuals and businesses alike. Enjoy the benefits of our feature-rich mail merge app without breaking the bank.

Monthly Plan

$5 /month

  • Unlimited Emails
  • Send Attachments
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Backup Data
  • Remove Our Branding
Yearly Plan
(2 Months Free)

$50 /year

  • Unlimited Emails
  • Send Attachments
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Backup Data
  • Remove Our Branding

Our Users

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Mail Merge Testimonials User Thumb
Mail Merge Testimonials User Thumb
Mail Merge Testimonials User Thumb
Mail Merge Testimonials User Thumb
Mail Merge Testimonials User Thumb
Mail Merge Testimonials User Thumb

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Yes, Mail Merge seamlessly integrates with Gmail, Outlook, and other platforms using SMTP. You can perform mail merges in these platforms for efficient and personalized email campaigns.

A: Mail Merge offers unlimited connectivity. You can connect unlimited accounts, add limitless contact lists, Unlimited Message Templates and send emails to an extensive number of recipients.

Absolutely! Mail Merge is a multi-purpose email sending app suitable for a wide range of use cases, including cold emailing, email marketing, newsletters, sales outreach, and more.

Mail Merge supports various file types, including Google Sheets, Excel, CSV, XML, and plain text files. You can seamlessly extract data from these sources to personalize your bulk emails.

Certainly! Mail Merge goes beyond traditional email merging. You can merge Word documents, create personalized PDFs, and execute mail merges in MS Word and Outlook.

Absolutely. Mail Merge is designed with a user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, you'll find the app easy to navigate.

Yes, Mail Merge is versatile and can be utilized in educational settings. Teachers can use the app to send personalized emails to students, making communication more efficient and engaging.


Mail Merge: Bulk Email Sender has been a game-changer for my outreach efforts. The ability to seamlessly attach various email accounts, including my custom SMTP, has made managing campaigns a breeze. Setting individualized daily sending limits adds an extra layer of control. It's simplicity and effectiveness have made it an invaluable tool for my business.

Alex Smith
Brand Manager | US
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I've tried several email marketing tools, but Mail Merge stands out with its user-friendly approach. The feature to attach multiple email accounts, including popular ones like Gmail and Outlook, is a standout. The customization options, coupled with the ability to set daily sending limits, provide the flexibility I need for effective campaigns. Highly recommended!

Steven Chris
Marketing Manager | UK
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Mail Merge has streamlined my email communication like never before. The ease of attaching Gmail, Outlook, and custom SMTP accounts is a standout feature. The option to set daily sending limits per account is a game-changer, giving me control over my outreach strategy. A must-have tool for anyone serious about efficient and personalized email campaigns.

Kristina Bellis
PL Product Retailer | CA
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